Individual & Group Vocal Coaching Sessions

In my studio, sessions will be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual student or group. Genres covered include all contemporary styles (ie; Musical Theatre, Jazz, Rock, Pop). Typical areas of development include:


Probably the biggest area of confusion for singers and so vital to the efficient working of the voice. I can unpack this topic to help you understand how to optimise your breath flow and explain the notion of “support” with exercises to aid this functionality.


In order to create a free voice, the body needs to be free of excess tension. Consideration of the postural habits is a great place to start to find the source of any unhelpful tensions when speaking or singing.

Vocal Health

The relationship between the mind, body and voice is key to a healthy voice and I will help you assess each area to find where adjustments may need to be made to ensure your voice works for you.

Extending Vocal Range

Understanding the basic mechanics of the voice alongside the application of carefully considered vocal exercises can help you fine-tune the muscles of the larynx and elongate the vocal folds in order to extend your vocal range safely.

Performance Technique

Whether you are looking to work on your stage presence, perfect your microphone technique or develop your acting-through-song skills, I can give you feedback and advice to help ensure your performance communicates effectively with an audience.

Vocal Anatomy

Do you want to understand how your voice works? Perhaps you are starting out as a vocal coach yourself and would like to ensure you will be teaching others safely. I have trained with many well-respected teachers in the field of voice and can mentor you through this process and help you understand the in-depth functioning of the voice.

Studio Recording

Are you planning a voice reel or demo recording? I can work with you in the development process as well as in the studio to help you realise your recording potential. Check out my repertoire feedback service too.

Repertoire Feedback

I offer tailored feedback on individual songs. Send me a film / audio recording and I will analyse it and offer a 20min online feedback session, via Zoom, to give you artistry and technical tips to take your song to the next level.

Artist / Band mentoring

Are you an aspiring artist? Do you need guidance on how to move forward with your vocal career. I can provide song-writing feedback and development advice, help you work out your performance identity and work with your voice to release your full potential. I also work with bands to help with stage craft, harmonies and vocal technique.

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